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Check out our New Commercial!

YES, we do Commercials as well. With the advent of all this new technology and practically everyone having a movie maker in their hand, making commercials is so much easier. However, you need a company like Abe Designs to know how to edit it, promote it and help your company put their best foot forward […]

Our Client Site Earned Them Business!

Got a very exciting text message today from Dana at Feezell Total Maintenance. She said they had just gained a new client who told her he wanted to do business with them because their website looked great! On a funny note, I wish I could type that like Tony the Tiger says great LOL. We […]

Thought You Couldn’t Afford a Website?

Why is having a website so important in today’s business world? Because about 80% of the population is walking around with the internet in their hand and constantly on it. Many businesses these days don’t have a website because they haven’t been able to afford it. Abe Designs is here to change all that! Abe […]

IF Your Business Does NOT Have A Website …

What are the consequences of your business not having a website? You may say “Well, I can’t afford it.” Truth is you can’t afford NOT to have a website. Consider that most of the population from about 10 years old and upward have a smartphone in their hands. One of the first things everyone does […]