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Check out our New Commercial!

YES, we do Commercials as well. With the advent of all this new technology and practically everyone having a movie maker in their hand, making commercials is so much easier. However, you need a company like Abe Designs to know how to edit it, promote it and help your company put their best foot forward […]

More Affordable Than Most!

Abe Designs is Budget Friendly Company who specializes in Marketing, Website Design & Hosting, Social Media Management, Graphic Design and Content Writing. We believe small businesses should have access to the same expertise that big companies do but at affordable prices. We offer free consultation, expert advice and a commitment to excellence. Abe Designs brings […]

Thought You Couldn’t Afford a Website?

Why is having a website so important in today’s business world? Because about 80% of the population is walking around with the internet in their hand and constantly on it. Many businesses these days don’t have a website because they haven’t been able to afford it. Abe Designs is here to change all that! Abe […]

Do NOT Overpay for Social Media Marketing Management!

Wow have I heard stories of price gouging of companies who hire these marketing companies to handle their Social Media Marketing! Some about $1200 down and $300 a month or close to that. Are you kidding me right now??? One of our current marketing clients said they literally had to call this company and get […]

IF Your Business Does NOT Have A Website …

What are the consequences of your business not having a website? You may say “Well, I can’t afford it.” Truth is you can’t afford NOT to have a website. Consider that most of the population from about 10 years old and upward have a smartphone in their hands. One of the first things everyone does […]

Search Engine Optimization Fairy Tales …

There are a lot of companies who will promise you the moon when it comes to increasing your Search Engine Ranking, but most of them are fairy tales. Many of these companies rely on the old adage “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”. Over promise and under deliver but still charge […]

Do You Need Content for Your Marketing Materials and/or Website?

If you are in business for yourself, it’s most likely because you have a God given gift for what you do. However, all the other facets that go with successful business operations such as marketing, online presence awareness and content can be daunting. If you know how to describe your product or service and what […]