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Search Engine Optimization Fairy Tales …

There are a lot of companies who will promise you the moon when it comes to increasing your Search Engine Ranking, but most of them are fairy tales. Many of these companies rely on the old adage “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”. Over promise and under deliver but still charge you a fortune. Why? Because there is no magic formula for increasing your ranking! And because it’s almost impossible for you to prove they swindled you in a court of law.

Fact is you need a professional website that obeys the rules of the search engines, make sure your pages are formatted correctly and know what the search engine looks for. Abe Designs built a website for Morgan Furniture in downtown Dayton, TN and within a few months, it’s performing magnificently. That is with no money spent on SEO at all.

We can help you by not only designing and hosting a professional website but also by making sure your site is SEO friendly, formatted correctly, helping you get proper place pages on the major search engines (which increases search engine ranking) and mobile friendly. Know anyone with a smartphone? 🙂