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IF Your Business Does NOT Have A Website …

What are the consequences of your business not having a website? You may say “Well, I can’t afford it.” Truth is you can’t afford NOT to have a website. Consider that most of the population from about 10 years old and upward have a smartphone in their hands. One of the first things everyone does when shopping for product or service is Google it.

Consider that a store front to lease starts at about $700 per month at the lowest and just goes up from there. That is due every month with no exceptions. For $700, one time, you can have a nice, professional website from Abe Designs including your first year of hosting! Your site will be mobile friendly and easy to find via the search engines. Plus, you will be able to let all your clients know through word of mouth and on your business cards. Not $700 per month but one time and then your annual hosting will run $100 and start in your second year. You’ll be able to track visitor stats and know that your site will experience about 99% uptime.

Finally, it’s all tax deductible and you will finally have your “store front” on the world wide web. This will also improve your client’s perception of your business. So you see? You can’t afford NOT to have a website. We can start as low as $99 for one page if your budget is really tight; no minimums.